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Dear Manoj, I would like to give a big thank you for the two months you spent with me in New Delhi teaching me yoga. Before i came to india i knew nothing about yoga or what the benefits of yoga were and thus felt obliged to discover this for myself and therefore fortunate to have been introduced to you. i have a new appreciation for what yoga can do for the body and mind. It certainly helped me with some of my inflexibilities and taught me to relax through the meditation. Your teaching also helped me discover more about the values of the yoga and how it can help all kinds of people with their daily life and routines. Plus you were able to add your personal touch by giving me an insight into another countries culture and beliefs. i'll always treasures and remember the time you gave to me with the yoga and hope it will benefit me in the rest of my life as it has clearly done with yours. All the best to you and your family and wish you the greatest success in bringing yoga to many more people from around the world.
Thank you
Hammish Drummond
(New Zealand)
Dear Manoj, I enjoyed the yoga lessons very much. The Teaching was good and professional. The yoga proved to be a little more physically demanding than I expected especially considering that. It was only at a basic level. Overall it was very enjoyable and useful for me in future.
Ian Bourne
Hi Manoj - just wanted to let you know how beneficial your yoga training has been to me - even after a couple of weeks my shoulder which has been troubling me for over a year is now almost better - as you said imagine how you will feel in 3 months - I want to come to India in February next year and combine a training session at Koenig with spending a few weeks at a yoga session again. Kind regards
Peter Blacklock
Mr. manoj has been my yoga trainer for over a year now,he is not only a very knowledgeable teacher but also is very particular about the yogic postures.he has a keen sense of perfection n the way he conducts the class is truly appausable! keep the gud work going!
Dr. Rajat Mathur
(Shri Ram Multispeciality Dental Clinic)
"Mr. Manoj is a dedicated Yoga trainer. Of all these years that I have been associated with him as his student, I have observed and appreciated his painstaking efforts to always comfort his students and teach them yoga with a lot of patience and under expert guidance. His subject knowledge is thorough and his teaching style is very methodical. Interestingly he brings into this traditional exercise form a lot of innovation that lends yoga a fresher appeal. I would recommend an upbeat and passionate yoga teacher like him any day to anyone who feels yoga is simply not-their thing. A good teacher can make all the difference in making a tough subject enjoyable and easy for the students. Thanks sir! "
a student from past 6 yrs.
Yoga is wonderful way to give some time to yourself... Doing yoga with Manoj sir has not only helped me in weight loss but also each class leaves me more refreshed and peaceful. It is really appreciable about Manoj Sir that he has great yoga knowledge and he always forces to become healthy and fit then to be slim and lazy...Thank you Sir...
Sweta Kanodia
(New Delhi)

Sir........u r doing a gr8 job.......keep it up ; all d best!!!!!!!


Sakshi Jaipuria


Sir, you are the best yoga trainer I have come across... Your concept of power yoga is really effective... Keep up the good work...



Shree Suneja Dembla
(Director of Plan Money)


Mr. Manoj helps you understand exactly what your body needs and makes you work on it religiously.His dedication is commendable. He himself has a perfectionist attitude and goes out of the box to cater to your needs.

Parul Singal
(New Delhi)


As a 100% Yoga newbie I was impressed to learn how effective breathing and meditation techniques are. You are a great yoga trainer!

Per Hermansen Nymo


mr manoj is my close friend, he is practicing therapy since long time in delhi.i suggest all friends for his theraphy for body_mind_soul.
Dr.Anant Biradar
(Surya Foundation)

Manoj the Instructor is motivational, calming, inspiring, and effective. His classes have a common structure: breathing and meditation to start, fast paced positions, floor stretching and core exercise, and meditation to end. Manoj cares about his clients and never points out a novice's shortcomings. I always leave feeling great physically and even better mentally, after training. It's a must do!!!

Femi Awolaru
(United Kingdom)


Hello Manoj
" I came to India for two weeks and I had Manoj Kumar as an instructor in Yoga.
I found Manoj's method of teaching excellent. He made sure that the asanas , or poses were challenging for me but not so much as to injure or hurt. This was at the forefront of his mind, and the first thing he used to ask at every lesson was if I had any pain from the previous lesson.

I easily memorized a complete set of yogic exercises by doing them in the same order everyday.He started very simple exercises increasing them in intensity when he felt I could do it without strain. The exercises worked on the upper, middle and lower body. At the end of our course he tested me on how much I retained by marking a mock exam.

I found his warm up exercises excellent by themselves, and do them when I am pressed for time.

I found that the flight into India found my ankles swollen after the long flight. At the end of a week I noticed that my ankle swelling had gone down considerably. I also found after my pranayama, breathing exercises I felt refreshed and found my surroundings very clear and I felt I noticed things better.

I would recommend Manoj Kumar to anyone who wants to learn Yoga. He is a very knowledgeable teacher, and his always smiling attitude enables a very pleasant learning experience."

Best Regards

(United Kingdom)


Hello sir,I am your student from the last one year .... And I have experienced many changes in myself only because of u and the way u taught me yoga.... Thank u sir..

Riddhima Singhania
New Delhi.


I was a First time Yoga student of Manoj and have to say it has been a life changing experience. I feel much more flexible in my body and also in day to day life. Thank you Manoj for teaching me the basics of yoga so i can now use a little of your teachings every day.



If you’re ever in New Delhi on business or pleasure it is a must to experience yoga with Manoj Kumar the Yoga Trainer. I was in India for 2 months and found I need to clear my mind from life I left behind for the period. On meeting Manoj the first Yoga mediation session was one that I can truly say was spiral and body lifting where mind and body had parted; an event not to be forgotten! Now, back home in England, I continue to carry out the routine of simply effective yoga positions, breathing and mediation trained by Manoj. I highly recommend training with Manoj Kumar Yoga Trainer.

Nigel Spooner
(United Kingdom)



Dear Manoj, thank you very much for your good yoga lessons. You are the first yoga trainer who could learn me the palm tree. All trainers before coudn't learn me. I'm proud that you are so good in yoga training that I can do it now. Manoj, my friend and a little bit my son, thanks a lot!!!

Annelies Peeman-Tieleman


I live in U.S.A. &have always enjoyed practicing yoga. I have been practicing BIKRAM HOT Yoga for several years & decided to practice Yoga during my visit to India. I am glad, I discovered Go Yogic managed by Mr. Manoj Kumar. It was such a wonderful experience taking classes with Manoj, the postures we did truly complemented by Hot Yoga practice. I took classes pretty much every single day that I was in India, something that I would look forward to. My days were extremely productive & I slept like an angel. It’s been such a rewarding journey discovering new ways of healing and strengthening my body and mind through yoga. I appreciate the depth of knowledge and commitment that Manoj shared with me. The 1 hour we practiced, we created a peaceful place to leave the outside world behind. Thank you for making such a positive difference in such a short span of time! I look forward to continuing my practice every time I visit….



When I came to New Delhi for my IT training, I had zero exposure to yoga, which Mr. Manoj opened for me as an amazing new world of joy and harmony. The first person who has been greeting me in the mornings during three weeks was Mr. Manoj, always bringing along his positive attitude, his good humour, and his contagious vigour for improving one’s body and spirit. Morning yoga is part of my daily routine now. I feel good, and I thank Mr. Manoj for being a pivot that has changed a course of my life.

Alexei Novikov


Manoj, Although I only had a few days of yoga, it was quite an experience. I wish I had more time. Manoj thought me how to breathe and the importance of stretching. In only a few days, I felt more relaxed, and I got a better understanding of the meaning and purpose of meditation. Thank you. I look forward to meeting you again.

Akisha Anthony


Thanks a lot Manoj for the teach of yoga , even if i had not so much time, it was great and it motivated me to start, thanks again !

Alfonso Bullet


Dear Manoj, I am so grateful for the time you spent with me in New Delhi teaching me Yoga and having some good laughs. When I went to India for three weeks it was for Redhat training which was very intense. However with the kind words, Yoga and enjoyment you brought, it became a less stressful period.
Since being back in Australia I have lost a considerable amount of weight with my cleaner eating and Yoga practice.
After spending such long periods tied to a desk working I had become incredibly stiff and inflexible. Despite this after just three weeks I notice a huge difference in my movement and peacefulness. Manoj I am truly grateful and look forward to catching up in the not to distant future. I feel like the real reason I went to India was not to study my IT course but to study Yoga with you.


Andrew Monaghan


Thanks Manoj for all that you ve taught me by way of YOGA. It has really been helpful, it relaxes me, relieves a lot of aches after a hard days work. I must confess i ve learnt a lot and I am going to continue even as i go back to Ghana today. Thanks for the mat, time and friendship. I appreciate it all. GOD BLESS YOU.

Vide Ofori


أريد أن أقول لك شكرا على مهاراتك في التدريب على استخدام yoga. وأنا قضيت معك بعض الوقت كل يوم للتدريب على بعض مهارات yoga و أنا ليوم افتقد هذه الأوقات الجميلة في التدريب مما رفع مهاراتي في التنفس الصحيح و مرونة بدني ، ولكن يمكنني فعل ذلك من خلال الاستمرار في التدريب و التواصل معك. وأنا على ثقة أن هذا انواع من التدريب يكون شيئا مفيدا للمستقبل . أنا اقدر بإخلاص الوقت الذي أمضيته معي و شكرا لكم، مرة أخرى. و أتمنى أن أتواصل معك والاستمرار في التدريب خلال الفترة القادمة و أتمنى أن أكون لديك في المستقبل .

I want to say to you thank you for Yoga training and use its skills in training. I had spent some time each day with you to practice some yoga skills but now I miss this beautiful time in training, bringing my skills in the correct breathing and physical flexibility, but I can do it through communicating with you. I am confident that this kind of training is something useful for the future. I sincerely appreciate your time and thank you, again. And I hope that I communicate with you and continue training during the coming period, and I hope that I see you in the future

Abdulmohsen Albahrani


Hi Manoj Kumar Yoga Trainer Thank you so much for everything. The Yoga is really helping me. It was tough from the beginning but I must be honest with time I am getting use to it and its really helping me become more and more flexible. I wish more and more people could get expose to it because its been helpful. I will call you later. Thanks and God bless you for the good work you are going. Keep it up......

Alhaji Amin


I met Manoj in August 2014 where I was taking technical classes at the Koneig institute in Delhi, India. Manoj is a highly skilled and gifted yoga teacher, in both the physical and meditation aspects of the tradition. He truly inspires his students. I began to practice with Manoj almost daily and to appreciate his remarkable skills in being able to clearly convey yoga concepts and postures to westerners and also to adjust the exercises/stances to a student’s skills and age – I am 58.
Upon my return to the states I plan to continue practici8ng the Yoga sequence Manoj has taught me. I am already seeing significant health benefits from the practice.
I unreservedly recommend Manoj as a Yoga teacher of the highest order.

Jerome Mandel


Dear Manoj,

First of all want to thank you for everything. I learned about the Breathing techniques during your Yoga exercise in Koenig Centre.
I don´t have that much to say concerning this class, but I would encourage my colleagues that are still in koenig to actively participate on these sessions.

The same way it helped me to develop my posture by while doing different styles and changing positions were amazing although at first time was really taff to be familiar with.

All the best in your career, as I hope success through it.
I promised to keep practicing the techniques in my country.


Jose I.M. Pucuta


Thank you Manoj for those Go Yogics you taught us during our stay in Koenig Solutions Center in New Delhi, India. Those Yoga posses have done so much to healed my back pain also contributed positively to overall wellness of my health. Keep on doing the great work. We love you and God bless in year 2015




Dear Manoj,

Thank you very much for the nice time we spent in yoga training. 30 minutes a day was very should in time but its effect is huge. I was surprised that every day when I go with family for shopping and walking around New Delhi that my family get tired very fast while I am healthy and can walk more and more.

I have hypertension and I was shocked when you said that breathing technique will help me to cure I am doing my best to do the training and I hope I will cure from hypertension.

Wish you all the best and thank you for drawing my attention for yoga.


Khalid Al-Mansour


Dear Manoj,

I still remember my first day in ‪#‎koenig‬ campus where i was warmly welcomed by koenig family and i was invited to join the yoga class, i was always wandering what is yoga and how It's related to the culture in the beginning it was different thing to try or maybe hard but with Mr. MANOJ support and encouragement i started to love the classes more or maybe more than my Microsoft project classes. Finally i Would like to thank #koenig family for the great experience and i Would like to have it in many coming returns.


Taha Mothana


What a wonderful time I had with Koenig‬ yoga instructor.He inspired me a lot for he remained me of my old good days when i was fully flexible and sitting in FULL LOTUS ASANA. Yoga is life we are born to be flexible so as to be able to carry out our earthly duties and responsibilities.Koenig should strengthen more and more yoga practice for betterment of its trainees who in turn take the message world wide. NAMASTE.



Hello, My Name is Acyr Dos Anjos​ and I'm from Angola.
I stayed in India for 3 weeks, and during this time I had the pleasure of trying yoga.
It was a wonderful experience, very different than what I was expecting. I though that yoga was only about breathing and spiritual stuff. For my surprise and happiness it is very physical and has more benefits that i could imagine.It increased my resistance,strengthen and helped me to sleep better. i wish everybody could try it at least once in their life's and explore all the skills of our body can have. Yoga opens the door for a new world of infinite possibilities. Just Try......... I wish all the best to you and God Bless You. Thank For Everything...............:)

Acyr Dos Anjos​


My last day at #‎Koenig‬, thanks to Manoj Kumar Yoga Trainer an excellent yoga trainer who helped me on those lethargic mornings to help body and mind focus and improve breathing, posture, back pain and many other things..

Sas Parmar
(United Kingdom)


As Manoj Kumar Yoga Trainer said "Yoga is Life & Life is Yoga" This is a true statement, Every yoga practices invigorates my inner energy and brought a new refreshing life for me. I remain grateful for his true statement. Thanks u very much for this life changing experience for me...............